Take the PicRec Pledge with us!

PicRec is the new social media platform all about Doing Something Good. We decided to build this platform to unite people in the positivity that can happen when we as a world recognize the problems around us and use our voices to help correct the issues. We encourage everyone to speak up against Racism, Hatred and Violence. PicRec wants to do our part and we are asking you to join us and do your part. We want to be very clear, It's very important that when you see acts of racism, hatred and violence. Speak up! Don't be a vigilante and don't put yourself in danger. Contact someone when you see a crime, tell your friends and family that hatred, racism, sexism and violence has no place in your world. Being silent when someone makes a racist comment only fuels people to do it more. If you see a crime and don't report it. That criminal is now still free to commit more crimes. If this makes sense to you, take the PicRec Pledge to be active in your community. Share our video and make your own video taking the pledge. Encourage more and more people to join us in making the world better.

PicRec Pledge

I (We) stand united to do my (Our) part. Every voice has power against racism, hatred and violence.

Join me (Us) and unite. Let's show the word how good we can be. Do something good.

Thank you

Rick and Dom