PicRec Charity Event in 2021

PicRec is pleased to announce that we as a company will be donating 50% (half) of all company profits in 2021.

Social Media in general has forgotten what a wonderful tool it is and the good it can do in the world.
PicRec is made for everyone. We want to do something good in the world.... and it's free to join.

We have a simple concept with some very large goals. Yes, we are brand new. No we don't have more features then the big social media sites (yet). But we have some amazing ideas and incredible features that will be coming over the next months and years that we believe you will love. When you use PicRec, you should feel good about using a platform that is about giving back. Oh, we aren't saying you can't express yourself, all we ask is you don't break the laws so we don't need to remove content and such. Read our terms of service if you haven't already. PicRec will be very focused on helping people, small businesses and charities. We are the little site, new and hungry. Maybe we're the underdog. Don't you love an underdog? We do.

Very shortly you will be seeing the PicRec Charity Event Page on your menu and we kindly ask you to visit, read and share with the world.

Thank you for Doing Something Good - Rick and Dom