About PicRec

PicRec exists because we are trying to make the world a better place for everyone. People sometimes choose the easy road instead of the right road. For others, they didn't even have a choice.  Social Media is an incredible tool that is only a few decades old technically. In those decades though, social networking has changed significantly from its original intention to something completely different altogether.

Our idea may not be new, but it is our attempt to use a tool like social media to do something good. Our goal is to help people and change the world.  This platform is published on the web and apps by two regular guys Rick and Dom. We understand that social media isn't perfect, but it is a way to communicate, connect and unite. PicRec is for adults only because social media can sometimes be intense.


We believe you should learn another person's point of view. We know, not everything that will be posted will be G rated stuff. But you don't find answers if you don't ask questions or read other peoples' points of view.

PicRec is about saying what's on your mind in every aspect of life. From left, to the right, and all the people in between. Yes politics will be discussed, but so will new music, new blogs, feel good news, funny, artful memes and so much more... We intend to add many new ideas to help you.  We are new and it takes time to implement those.We have some amazing concepts we believe you will love.

Our idea is simple, our social media in it's current form is building a foundation to give back to the world. Imagine helping people by just using an app you like using anyway... and it's free. Using pictures, video and words on social media with a conscience.


Our PicRec Pledge

In today’s global social environment, I recognize that using positive and supporting words followed by appropriate actions, I can make the world a better place. Because of this, I take this pledge.

I promise to be socially aware of my words and actions, to understand that what I say and do affects more than just myself.

I vow to do my very best to remove words of hatred, racism, sexism, violence, and negativity.

I will try to listen and learn.

My PicRec pledge is to socially acknowledge that any type of hate hurts. My PicRec promise is to do my part to stop all hatred and violence. My vow is to share more positivity every day.

Every voice can make a difference. Stand up and unite to do something good.



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